Find a Quote & Use It As Inspiration





Alright, well day 2 is here. I think the tricky part is going to be the weekend blogging when I try to avoid my computer completely. I guess this month, I’ll have to make an exception.

Here is the quote I decided to use for inspiration:

“If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
–Eubie Blake

How many of us are going to say this when we are older? Are we going to think back and say, “I should have started exercising earlier”, “I should have eaten better”, or “I should have made time for myself and my health”. I definitely don’t want to look back and think this way. Health doesn’t come in the form of a pill from the doctor in my opinion. It comes from inside. It comes from the health of your mind, the health of your body, and the motivation we have to stay healthy. What is your motivation to stay healthy? My motivation is definitely my family. I want to grow old with my husband. I want to see my kids get older and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.
Motivation isn’t something that every person is born with. You have to find it within yourself and figure out what truly motivates you to do and be better. There is much more to being healthy than just exercise and how you eat. Your brain needs to be healthy for long term health as well. We all need balance in order to be motivated and healthy. Balance when it comes to our creativity, spirituality, relationships, and more. Through this journey of blogging, learning, and coaching I hope to bring more balance to my life. I feel that my relationships are healthy, but there is always room to grow and I’m anxious to grow and become healthier in all aspects. I want to grow more spiritually, not necessarily religiously though. I want to be more spiritual when it comes to nature, go hiking more, and appreciate my surroundings. Living in Utah, we have the mountains within literally 5 minutes of my house. I want and need to take advantage of this, even if it is in the winter or blistering hot outside. Balance in life will help me live longer and help me realize I need to take care of myself now, not later, for both me and my motivation, my family.


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