Write About What’s in your Bag/Purse Everyday





I recently downsized my purse (WOO HOO) because my youngest child is now potty-trained. Best moment ever is knowing I don’t ever have to buy diapers again, at least not until I’m a grandma or buying them for someone else. So my purse is pretty small, but I like it that way. The bigger my purse is, the more I have to hold for everyone like toys, hoodies, sunglasses, etc. Here’s a picture of what’s inside my purse. Pretty exciting stuff right here:

Pretty basic stuff all around. Lotion, gum (with no aspartame of course!), a protein bar just in case, wallet, sunglasses, black knit gloves (it gets cold in Utah!), and pens… lots and lots of pens. And there you have it!


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