How You Choose to Write about Others in your Blog





I don’t often write about personal events unless they have to do with fitness or health. When I do write about fitness & health, I like to include pictures and names of the people I am talking about. It helps me make the memory come to life. For example, when I ran the 5K with my mom, I wanted it to be documented that we did it together and had a lot of fun. You can read about that post here if you’d like. It was a good time and can’t wait until we are able to do it again. Next year I’m working on my time though. Time to get my pace a little faster, that’s what the winter is for though. 🙂

I like when blogs make personal stories come to life. My son & I are running our first 5K together this Saturday (11/10). I definitely plan to put some pictures up. The fact that he wanted to run one is awesome to me. And who knows, maybe he will enjoy running and he can add that to his list of sports he enjoys on top of soccer. And he’s soon taking snowboarding lessons. When something is done anonymously or the names have been changed, I have a hard time wondering what else has been changed. I would rather keep it as real and true to life as possible. How will I be an effective and successful health coach if I can’t be real & true to myself and my clients.


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