Write About Your Favorite Thing that is not Health- Related, but Improves Life





My favorite thing that isn’t health-related, but improves life for me is my family! 🙂 They are my everything. All of them do more for me than they will every know. This last weekend was so fun and relaxing all at the same time, the best kinds of weekends in my opinion. On Friday, I found out my son got straight A’s! So we went and got some frozen yogurt at a local yogurt shop and relaxed at home with a nice home-cooked meal. Our Saturday seemed very busy but it was fun. My son, who is 8, and I ran our first 5K together. He did such an awesome job. His finish time was 35:34. I was so proud of him. His little competitive side came out and it was so fun to see. Despite the snow and cold weather, he just kept on moving and was determined to beat as many people as he could. Here are a few pictures:


































After the 5K, we went to breakfast and hung out for a little bit. Then my husband and I got ready to celebrate our 9-year anniversary! It was actually on November 1st, but with Halloween and kids stuff we were just too busy. Luckily we have some awesome friends that watched our kids for us overnight and we were able to go out and enjoy each others company. We are a sporty family, so our idea of a good night was a Utah Jazz game and a hotel in Downtown Salt Lake. It was a nice little stay-cation. My husband hasn’t been to a Jazz game for quite some time and neither had I, so it was nice to go to a game and just take in the atmosphere. We are big soccer fans, and the atmosphere at the Jazz game wasn’t nearly as intense. In fact, probably half of the fans started to leave during the 4th quarter. LAME!!!! We are always there for our team and there until the end, whether we are winning or losing. Oh well… the Jazz ended up winning and we went to get some food after and enjoyed our time alone.

Over the weekend, we received a TON of snow! We measured it at 21 inches total in our yard. It was fun though because we didn’t have to go to work and had zero plans. So we were able to go out and actually enjoy it quite a bit.


















After, we relaxed with a nice, warm fire and comfort food. I made Potato Cheese Soup (recipe to follow) and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. What a perfect way to end the weekend and thank you to my family for improving my life on a daily basis!


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