Advice for Dealing with Negative Feedback in Your Community





Well I skipped day 13 also. Yesterday was a crazy busy day and I just received a client that some ailments and was working on that for a good portion of my evening. That’s alright though. I am getting to really dive into health and wellness, which I absolutely love, so no complaints here! Back to the topic:
Advice for Dealing with Negative Feedback in Your Community

I’ve grown up in Utah my whole life, and don’t feel like I’m the typical Utah resident. Although this stigma is changing every year. There are more and more people moving to Utah from out of state, and it’s adding a lot of diversity here. It’s great! 🙂 Utah may be a few years behind on some of our laws, but we are definitely trying. We have some of the greatest medium sized breweries in the country, right here in Salt Lake City. There are a lot of family friend activities that both kids & adults can enjoy. Plus we have some of the greatest snow on Earth (or says our license plates).

I don’t see or receive a whole lot of negative feedback in the community, but occasionally when I’m out and about I do get a negative vibe. The way I combat this is simply by smiling at the person. I do have a few tattoos that are visible 🙂 And they aren’t always looked highly upon, but that’s alright. It’s my body, not theirs. So I just fight negativity with positivity. If someone is giving me a glare, I simply smile at them. If I see someone that needs help getting to their car or returning their cart to the cart return, I help them. I try to have this attitude rub off on our kids as well. If someone needs help or someone’s coming towards the door we are using, I’ll ask my son to hold the door open for them. I figure maybe, just maybe, by doing these little things that someone who would normally judge someone by their tattoos, will think again. Even if I change one person’s perception, then I think it’s a success. Just because someone looks differently, doesn’t make them a bad person. Focus on the good, and the good will stand out. Focus on the negative, and the negative will rule your life.


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