Why Healthcare Companies and Healthcare Professionals Should Use Social Media





I think social media is a great tool to get your message to the masses. If healthcare companies and healthcare professionals really took advantage of this free tool, they could reach hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions with their message. How many times did you see a story about the mayor in NYC limiting sugary drinks? This happened a little while ago, and I’m still seeing stories about it pop up here and there.

If healthcare companies spread their messages of health & wellness, even people that don’t have insurance could benefit from the information they have to offer. They could post tips, suggestions, recipes, and more. I don’t think anyone would expect to receive actual medical advice at no cost from these companies, especially on social media, but it would definitely be a good outlet to get lots of information out to LOTS of people. 🙂

I am surprised on a daily basis how influential social media can be, when it comes to everything from sports, health, relationships, and more. Healthcare companies and professionals should take full advantage of this useful and free tool. 🙂


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