Mental Health {NHBPM}





When I think Mental Health, I immediately thing of a Mental Hospital. I’m not sure why, but that’s just what I associate with Mental Health. I know this isn’t the case. There is much more to Mental Health. Your mental health can be influenced by your career, your family, your friends, spirituality, creativity, and more.

When it comes to mental health, you should strive for balance. But how are we supposed to balance, when we are juggling a thousand things non-stop? Sometimes you have to stop and really evaluate what is keeping you from being balanced. Maybe you need to be more spiritual. This can come in the form of religion, but it can also come in the form of yoga, nature, or meditation. Maybe you strive to be more creative. So make time for the arts & crafts you’ve been wanting to get to. Or if you have the space in your home, create a sanctuary for you. Include the things that you love in this space like fresh flowers, music, a meditation area, an arts & crafts area, your favorite picture or piece of art, etc. This space should be about you.

With Health Coaching, it really does involve more than just nutrition; it is about being healthy both physically & mentally. It involves finding balance for your client. Making it easy and giving suggestions for them to be happy, balanced, less stressed, sleep better, eat healthier, and more.


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