Tips on how to Relax and Exercise

IMorning-Healthy-Exercise-To-Relax-In-Physical1t’s the time of year where we forget about ourselves, and start focusing on others. We are out and about shopping, wrapping gifts, planning & going to parties, and thinking of everyone else. This is a perfect time of year to focus on relaxing and really focus on exercise. Some of the best ways to relax and exercise are finding activities where you can do both.

– The summer is one of the easiest times to relax & get exercise at the same time. In the summer, you can play outside – play tag, go swimming, go hiking, and more.

– During the winter, this can be a little bit harder, but you can still find time to do this. Building forts with kids, get a workout buddy and go to the local gym or local indoor pool.

– Find a partner to help you with your exercise and relaxation program that will help hold you accountable. Nobody wants to cancel on their accountability buddy, unless they absolutely need to. Start with 1-2 times per week, and work your way up to more if you need to.

– Find an exercise that you actually enjoy doing. When people hear the word exercise, they think of how much they don’t/can’t do it. There is always an excuse such as they don’t have enough time. We schedule so many things throughout the day, schedule exercise if you need to. Take 30 minutes a day and see if you can work that into your week 3-5 times per week. Not only will this help you relax, but it will keep your body healthy & help improve your sleep.

– Try a new relaxation technique. People tend to run around working, picking up kids, and running errands, that we forget to relax. The only alone time we get alone time is when we are in the car, bus, or subway, and this isn’t all that relaxing. Schedule time to relax. This can be anything from doing yoga, meditating, finding a quiet corner in your home and reading your favorite magazine. We all have different methods of relaxing. We just have to find what works best for us.

What do you do to relax? What do you do for exercise? How can you incorporate both?


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