Favorite Exercises

GoFit-Combat-RopeWhat are some of your favorite exercises to do? I feel that mixing it up helps add variety to your routine and helps keep you from getting bored. I have been a HUGE slacker when it comes to training for an upcoming relay race in May. Sunday I finally made that push to get in shape and ended up running 6 miles. It was nice because my husband was doing the elliptical next to me so we managed to keep each other motivated. I probably would have ended up stopping at 4 miles when it got a little harder, but having him next to me pushed me to keep going.

For Christmas, I bought him some Combat Ropes. They have a lot of different names when I was searching for them online. The snow finally melted so we anchored them around the basketball hoop in our backyard and got to work! Today being 3 days later, I’m still sore and it feels awesome. The most inexpensive place that I found them was at REI.com, because I had a discount from previously shopping there and they offered free shipping. If you’ve never heard of combat ropes, check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18YTU-2Oz50. This is by far one of the hardest workouts I have ever done and it really tested my endurance. It was nice though because when I was done, I had 0 energy left. It was nice being able to exercise with my husband because we really kept each other motivated, and kept pushing each other just a little bit further until we didn’t have anything left.

After we were done, our bodies were worn out! So we came inside and made some awesome fresh juices. The kids even joined in trying out apple-carrot juice and an apple-orange juice. It helped refuel my body and gave me a little bit of mental energy, because I definitely didn’t have any physical energy left! Can’t wait until tonight when we do it all over again 🙂 Happy exercising!



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