What are the Most Obscure Diets You Have Heard of?

tapeworm-diet-b_1After going to school and learning about over 100 different dietary theories, I wanted to write a quick article about some of the ones that really caught my eye! One thing to keep in mind any time you are researching new diets is that what may work for one person, may not work for another. When considering a dietary change, take into account your lifestyle, any health issues you may have, and what your goals are. Here are a few that caught my eye:

  1. The Ice Cream Diet – This diet consists of a reduced calorie diet with one serving of ice cream per day. The theory is that it adds calcium to your diet without having to cut out sweets completely. It may help some people stick to a low calorie diet a little longer because it doesn’t completely eliminate sweets.
  2. The Baby Food Diet – Yes, you read this right! The baby food diet of eating 14 jars of baby food each day and then eating a healthy meal for dinner. The idea is that the baby food will help with portion control and over eating. However before you jump on the Baby Food Train, remember that adults and babies have different dietary needs, so you may find that you are lacking in fiber, Vitamin D, and other important nutrients.
  3. Cabbage Soup Diet – This is a short term diet which is meant for rapid weight loss. It can be strict because only certain foods are allowed on certain days of this 7 day diet, but there is a recipe for Cabbage Soup and you can eat as much of that as you’d like. I am not sure if I could eat cabbage soup for 7 days straight.

When researching diets, try to find one that will work for you. While short term diets may help with a rapid weight loss, the best thing for success is finding a diet that you are able to sustain long term.



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