Family Time

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Family… my most favorite thing in the world! Every time I get to relax with my kids and husband, I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet. I love when we are able to just relax and really enjoy the time we get together. During the week we tend to get really busy with school, work, soccer, and anything else that comes into play. Some of our favorite things to do are:

  • Eat dinner together. This is one of the most important things that we do together in my opinion. We typically eat dinner at the dinner table 5-6 nights per week. It gives us time to laugh and talk about our days.
  • Watch soccer. Whether it’s our son who is playing soccer or we are support Real Salt Lake (our favorite MLS team), we are cheering as a family. Our daughter who is 4 has really been raised around soccer and she loves it! She will sing all of the soccer chants to herself when we are home or she will clap for her big brother when he makes a good play.
  • BBQing. My husband is the master BBQ’er 🙂 He handles all of the cooking on the BBQ and in the smoker and I typically handle it all when it comes to cooking inside the house. I think it’s a fair trade. Last night he made some amazing stuffed burgers and I can’t wait for him to BBQ some more. Our son really enjoys when his dad BBQs and likes to buy him BBQ supplies when it comes to holidays.
  • Going to the park. During the week, it can get pretty crazy. I love taking our 4 year old to the park to play. She meets other kids in the area and gets to use up some of that bottomless energy!

What are some of your favorite things to do as a family?


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