Laugh Lots – It’s Good for You!


Every time I see this postcard it puts a smile on my face. 🙂 My grandpa’s name was Tank and he passed away a little over 2 years ago. He’s missed every day, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t with us every day in our memories. The saying that will always remind me of him is, “Laugh Lots”. His laugh was absolutely contagious! And I honestly don’t ever remember him being mad or upset. I just remember him laughing. So why should you take the time to relax and laugh a little bit more:

  • Laughing boosts your immune system!
  • Laughing reduces pain!
  • Laughing can be a good workout!
  • Laughing relaxes your body!
  • Laughing helps protect your heart!
  • Laughing has been said to lower blood sugar levels!
  • Laughing lowers your aggression!

Now get out there and find something to laugh about! 🙂 Go to lunch with your favorite, funny person. Go see a funny movie. Just get out there and LAUGH! 🙂


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