Are You Planting a Garden This Year?


Are you planning on planting a garden this year or have you already started? A garden is a great way to keep food costs low, help the environment, and know exactly what is going into your food. You can have an organic garden right in your backyard! 🙂

If you are planting a garden, what are you including? Some things that I love having in a garden are tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, corn, carrots, and squash. It’s so nice to be able to go to your garden and grab some vegetables that you can include when making lunch and dinner. Living off the land at its finest!

A dream of mine would be to have enough land to have a thriving garden that includes a lot of different vegetables and herbs, along with some berries, peaches, and apples, with the possibility of having a chicken coop to raise chickens. I will need a lot of land one day if I can make this happen!

What does your dream garden/yard include?


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