Challenge for May 2013!


Not only will there be the Elite Health Coaching Spring Detox Group going on from May 5th – 11th, but I have another challenge for you! A social media detox!!! You can sign up for the detox here –

Starting May 1st until May 31st, I want you to remove social media from your phone (i.e. Facebook & Twitter). Can you imagine a life before we had social media at our finger tips and with us every step of every day? What are we missing out on because we are glued to our phones and computers. Take pictures of your kids, your surroundings, and your activities, but there is no need to post every single thought on Facebook or Twitter for your friends to see.

Have you ever noticed how much stress these social media sites can cause? The stress can be caused by one of your friends vague-booking, a post on politics that you don’t agree on, or another picture of what someone is having for lunch. 🙂 It’s time to let go and enjoy your life in the current moment. It is okay to let go and relax. Imagine going to the park and really taking in the air, trees, and animals around you. Not being glued to your phone can be hard during the first week, but after the 2nd and 3rd week, it’s possible you won’t want to put these apps back on your phone.

To make this detox even more exciting, include your friends and family! Make it a game. For example, whoever posts on Facebook or Twitter loses and owes whoever goes the longest lunch! The winner gets free lunch, and the loser gets some quality time with their friend/family member. 🙂 Rather than checking Facebook or Twitter obsessively, find a different way to fill your time whether it’s with a book, a hobby like gardening, exercising, or knitting, or spend that extra time with the people you care about.

With May quickly approaching and the weather getting better by the day, take this time to do a full detox with both the Spring Detox Group & the Social Media Challenge!


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