Social Media Detox


How is your social media detox going? Mine isn’t going too well. That’s alright though. If not anything else, I’m definitely more aware of when I’m checking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I don’t have Pinterest on my phone, so I don’t check that nearly as often. That’s a good thing though because I think I could get sucked into idea after idea for hours on end if I had Pinterest readily available.

Start with small challenges to yourself. For example, I won’t check Social Media after 6pm for a week. Then try to add another challenge like I won’t check Social Media for the entire weekend. It’s okay to leave your phone behind. Within the last 10-15 years, we have slowly become more addicted to our phones. We survived for a long time without cell phones, social media, hand held games, etc. It’s okay to let it go, leave it behind, and enjoy the moment!


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