How to Choose the Best Diet for You!


When you type the word diet into a search engine, you’ll be bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of diets, diet supplements, etc. So how do you determine which diet is the best for you?

First off, it’s always recommended that you speak with your physician before starting any new diet and/or exercise routine. Next, figure out what your goals are. Your goal may be to lose weight which could require a different diet than someone that wants to stabilize their blood sugar. Also different ailments require different diets. Somebody with kidney disease won’t be able to follow the same diet for someone that is suffering from inflammation. You want to make sure you are well informed on what your specific body needs.

“One person’s food may be one person’s poison” – This is important to keep in mind when you are choosing a diet.

Another thing that is important is to STOP comparing yourself with everyone around you. This includes friends, family, and celebrities. Celebrities get paid a lot of money for their looks. If we were all paid millions to be thin, then it’d be easy! We aren’t all celebrities, even though we may think so, so make sure you are being realistic. If you set goals that are out of your reach, you can become frustrated and this can cause set backs. Focus only on your goal and what it means to you.

You may want to consider hiring a health coach that specializes in different dietary theories and is knowledgeable about different ailments, that can help you make simple changes to your diet to ensure long term success. This is one of the many things that I go over during my coaching sessions. You can read more about my coaching programs here. If you aren’t sure if a health coach is for you, we can set up a free, no-obligation health history to go over your goals and how you could benefit from having a health coach in your life.


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