How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Naturally

allergiesIf you suffer from seasonal allergies, or even if you know someone who does, you know that they can be MISERABLE! Here are 10 tips to help combat seasonal allergies:

  1. Local honey! – This one is my absolute favorite. I didn’t suffer from allergies until about 3 years ago. I would take over the counter medications and they either didn’t work, or if they did they’d make me loopy and tired. I read that if you eat 1 TBSP of local honey every day, it will help with seasonal allergies. I started last year and it has been amazing! Make sure that it is local though, and the more local the better. If you have a neighbor or friend who is a beekeeper, ask if you can purchase honey from them. It really works and it’s really easy!
  2. Improve your diet – By reducing the amount of sugars, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and more in your diet, you will boost your immune system and improve your diet. Shoot for a diet rich in whole, natural foods. Focus on eating more whole grains, more fresh fruit, more fresh vegetables, and more lean protein.
  3. Use Natural Home Cleaners – A lot of store bought cleaners can irritate your respiratory system. Try something more natural or even make your own! View this post for some ideas!
  4. Clean your home regularly – If you suffer from allergies, clean your home on a regular basis, especially when it comes to vacuuming and dusting.
  5. Clean your bedding – Take your comforter and blankets to a dry cleaner, or if your washer and dryer are large enough, wash them yourself. This will remove a lot of allergens that you weren’t aware of.
  6. Check your home for mold – Mold can cause your allergies to act up and also make you sick regularly. Have your home inspected for mold to ensure there is not an underlying reason for your allergies or regular sickness.
  7. Get an air purifier – This will help purify your air, making so less allergens enter your home.
  8. Change the filters – Change the filters on your air conditioning and heating units. It’ll help them work more efficiently and also help them catch allergens that may sneak through otherwise.
  9. Take an evening shower – This can help clear your nasal passage and rinse off any allergens you may have collected during the day. It will also help ensure you aren’t taking these allergens with you when you relax on the couch or go to bed.
  10. Netti Pot – Using a Netti pot can help clear out your nasal passages. Make sure to check with your physician before using a Netti pot and follow all directions on the package.

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