How Is Your Summer So Far?


How is your summer going so far? Have you had time to do anything exciting, fun, or new? Summer in Utah can be HOT! Luckily it hasn’t been too bad yet, but it’s still early. Summer has been pretty relaxing so far. My son has been out of school for a little over a week and my daughter will be done at the end of June. We had an amazing Father’s Day! I hope all the dads out there had a nice and relaxing day too!

While Utah definitely has it’s little quirks, we are so lucky to be surrounded by absolutely breathtaking views within 30 minutes of pretty much anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley. For Father’s Day yesterday, I wanted to leave the entire day up to my husband. We are always running around from morning until about 8 at night with activities, dinner, cleaning the house, etc. I wanted this day to be about him and I wanted him to have a fun and relaxing day. I think I succeeded ๐Ÿ™‚ This is one of the first times I’ve heard over and over again that he had a great day. YES! We started the day off with laying in bed while the kids hung out and watched TV. Then I made breakfast for the whole family. Nothing too fancy, just some bacon and eggs. We were very lazy until about 2pm when my husband wanted to go for a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Last time we went up there for Mother’s Day, the road we wanted to take was closed due to snow, but it has since been opened. We took the road, called Guardsman’s Pass, towards Midway. He spotted a little trail and we decided to take it because he wanted to take his Jeep off road a little bit. It ended up being a FANTASTIC drive. It was bumpy and fun. The kids laughed the whole time. At the very top, there was a satellite station or maybe a Forest Ranger station, I’m not quite sure. But at the very top it gave us a 180-degree view of Jordanelle Reservoir and Deer Creek Reservoir. It was such a beautiful day that you could see for miles & miles. We were gone for about 3 hours total, with the sun and wind hitting our faces. It was the perfect day! Something about being in the mountains just clears your head, leaving no room for negativity or endless thoughts about bills, life, school, etc. Just yourself, your family, and nature!

We ended the night with some showers for the kids and a great dinner. My husband barbequed some steaks, and I made macaroni salad and corn on the cob. It was really the perfect way to end the perfect day!



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