Try Something New

July Photo With summer comes promising weather, blooming plants and gardens, and an overall rejuvenation! Life can become routine and monotonous with work, errands, and more. It’s our responsibility to live life to the fullest and why not begin NOW! Spice up your life in all areas! This includes relationships, family, work, spirituality, and more!

Break out of your normal routine. Lets say your family will eat the same things every night of the week. For example, Monday is Meatless Monday and you make Mac and Cheese, Tuesday is Meatloaf, Wednesday is Pizza Night, and you get the point! Spice this up. Have each member of your family pick a meal for the week. This not only gets your family involved but it adds variation to your meals.

Try adding in a new activity. Maybe there is something out there that you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe an aerial fitness class sounds fun or a book club! Use a search engine to fine something in your area that you can join.

If you and your partner have a hard time finding time for each other, start scheduling it in just like you would with your career or a child’s soccer game. Taking time for each other is a great way to reconnect and spice up your relationship. Maybe plan a date night once a month where you don’t have plans other than dinner. You and your partner can go from there and find something enjoyable for both of you.

Use the energy of summer to rejuvenate all aspects of your life! No excuses! Make 2013 the year of you and the best way to do this is find time for the things that make you happy! Your family will thank you. Your body will thank you. And your overall well being will thank you!


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