Are You Ready for a Summer Detox Group?

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 12.22.50 PMAre you ready to do a summer detox and get rid of some unwanted weight, sugar dependency, and more! With the purchase of Elite Health Coaching Seasonal Detox Guide between now and July 20th, you’ll also be added to a private Facebook group where everyone will be detoxing at the exact same time, from July 21st – July 27th!

Why should you do a summer detox?

  • Boost your immune system to prevent illnesses such as the flu, cold, etc.
  • Boost your mood, energy, and productivity by clearing your mind.
  • Shed excess weight!

During the 7-day summer detox, you will avoid all processed foods, alcohol, refined sugars, refined flours, and more. You will focus on staying hydrated, eating clean, and curbing your sweet tooth with things like fruits and sweet vegetables.  Detoxes are not meant for everyone, so please speak with your healthcare professional before starting any new diet or exercise program, as no refunds can be issued once the program has been purchased.

The best part about Elite Health Coaching’s Summer Detox is that you do not need to take any pills or drugs, you get to eat real food a Strawberry Salad, Asian Stir Fry, and Pineapple Chicken with Quinoa & Broccoli.

What you will receive with in the Seasonal Detox Guide:

  • 7-day detox program that includes a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all 7 days
  • Shopping list so you know exactly what to buy before getting started
  • Family-friendly recipes for every meal listed on the detox

Where can you purchase the Seasonal Detox Guide by Elite Health Coaching? Click on one of these links to purchase!

Direct from Elite Health Coaching
Barnes & Noble

If you purchase the book off Amazon, Kindle, or Barnes & Noble, please email your receipt to to be added to the Facebook Group!


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