Employee Wellness

According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, overweight employees can cost companies an additional $450 – $2500 in medicals costs and absences per year. With approximately 2/3 of adult Americas being overweight or obese, this has become an epidemic. Being overweight not only leads to added healthcare expenses, but it can also lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other preventable diseases. Preventable diseases make up for 70% of illness costs in the US.

What are some of the benefits of having an employee wellness program in place?

  • Increased energy – no more 2pm naptime in the office.
  • Increased productivity – get more done, in less amount of time.
  • Less sick days being used – with less sick days being used, more will get done and employees will be able to communicate more efficiently because none of them will be home sick.
  • Less healthcare costs – healthy employees cost less. They use less sick days, have a lower risk of preventable diseases, and typically have more energy that will last throughout the day.

Now that you want to implement an employee wellness program, what are some ideas that could be beneficial to you and your company?

  • Offer gym discounts to employees.
  • Weight loss competitions are a great way to get employees motivated and competitive. Using a percentage for weight loss will make this competition equal for all.
  • Host a group detox. This doesn’t need to last for a long period of time, but by providing support and programs this can assist with the results.
  • Provide healthy lunches for employees. Or if your company has a cafeteria, try providing a salad bar containing fresh fruits and vegetables, and other healthy options.
  • Have health & wellness speakers visit your offices and speak about how to improve the employee’s overall health, energy, and sugar dependency.

If you are interested in more information about employee wellness and corporate wellness programs, please contact us at sadie@elitehealthcoaching.com.


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