Sunday Funday

22What do your Sundays entail? Do you like to keep them busy with activities? Or is it a time for you and your family to sit back and relax?

Our family typically tries to relax on Sunday. Our week and weekends tend to get so busy with activities like soccer, work, homework, more soccer, and more work. 🙂 Sunday is our time to relax, do the things that maybe we put off during the week, and hang out as a family. Sunday is great because it’s a day where we get to hang out as a family with only interruptions that we invite in. During the summer, I try to plan meals around relaxing on Sunday. I don’t want anything that is too labor intensive but a nice Sunday dinner always hits the spot. My husband will typically BBQ while I cook up the sides and anything else that needs to be done.

If there is one goal that you want to set to help with your stress management, is to pick one day a week where you do nothing but just relax! Turn off the TV’s, cell phones, and computers if you have to. Try to take advantage of doing nothing and see how good you feel going into the next day. I like doing this Sunday, because Monday’s tend to be a little hectic.

Take a break. It’s okay to relax and not stress about the day!


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