Don’t Take Life for Granted

Unfortunately we received some heartbreaking news over the weekend that happened to some of our friends and their family. I’m not going to go into it because this is their personal experience. But I dwelled on the sadness of the situation all day, and just couldn’t seem to shake it from my head. And while they received the worst news I could ever imagine, from what I could tell, they put on their strong faces and are dealing with the tragedy in the best way that they know how. I admire both of them for their courage and positive messages to others as well. For anyone wanting to donate to their medical costs & funeral expenses, please click here.

One thing that it made me really focus on is not taking what we have for granted, whether it’s something small or big, appreciate all of the little things that you have that you feel are deserved. It really made me focus on my family and want to re-prioritize as my husband put it so well. Yes, we have to work in order to purchase the things that we need and that we want, but other than the necessities, nothing is important. What is important is me and my family time – playing with the kids, listening to them read or talk to themselves (even when I want them to stop talking so dang much!), and just relaxing as a family. I think our society has gotten into this hustle and bustle rut, that we cannot take the time to slow down and enjoy our surroundings. My goal is to make time for my family, make time for my friends, let go of the grudges, and move forward with a positive attitude. There is so much heartache and pain in the world, that if we can make it a better place for ourselves and those around us, even just for a short amount of time, we need to advantage of the power that we have.

My personal goals:

  1. More family time (Every Monday we are going to have a family movie night! I’m going to make an easy to eat dinner and we are going to watch a movie that we can all agree on. Tonight is going to be Hot Rod. We could all use a good laugh.)
  2. Less social media time
  3. Make time for friends & do not become anti-social when winter hits
  4. Make time for date nights with my husband, that don’t include soccer games. Even if this is just dinner without the kids, just having one-on-one time.
  5. Every day, I’m going to write down something that I am grateful for in a journal. I’m hoping after years of doing this, I’ll have a fantastic book to go back and remember all the amazing things that are in my life.

What are some things that you can do to step back and relax?


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