What Did You Eat This Weekend?

WhatDidYouEatThisWeekendLong, holiday weekends are always so nice, especially when you don’t have any plans! Our son didn’t have soccer this week, and all that we had set in stone was a Real Salt Lake soccer game on Friday, which left 3 days of NOTHING! It was so nice. With no plans, comes lots of cooking. I’ve been trying to focus more on making meals at home, planning according with plans, and just feeding our family nice, wholesome meals. Here are some of the meals that we had this weekend:

We had friends over that evening so we went easy on the menu. We had corn on the cob, pasta salad, and nitrate free hot dogs on all natural buns. Our friends brought over a nice seedless watermelon from a local farm and just like that we had an amazing meal with good company. 🙂

This was our LAZY family day! We didn’t do much at all. We lounged about most of the day while the kids played outside. Mid-afternoon we went for a swim at the community pool and then came home to BBQ dinner. My husband BBQ’d the steaks, which were AMAZING! And then we had roasted potatoes and sliced yellow squash on the side with rolls. I have to call yellow squash by a different name, yellow zucchini, or our daughter will not eat it. With the roasted potatoes, I just slice them into about 1 inch cubes, put them in a bowl with about 1-2 TBSP olive oil and some potato seasoning, then cook at 450 until done.

We went to a BBQ at one of our friend’s houses and just hung out! Monday was full of eating too much and being full all day, but I can’t complain because all of the food everyone brought was delicious and we got to hang out with lots of good friends once again! 🙂 After we left our friend’s house we watched a movie as a family. That is now 3 weeks in a row of family movie night! It seems to be a big hit so far, lets hope we keep it going.

What did you do over the Labor Day weekend? Did you have to work or did you have an extra day off?


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