Community Supported Agriculture

indexWhat is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA for short)? From Wikipedia, a “Community-supported agriculture (CSA; sometimes known as community-shared agriculture) is an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture and food distribution.”

CSA’s are such a great resource if you are trying to cut back on produce expenses, eat healthier, or just want to support your local agriculture economy. They are a great way to try new fruits and vegetables as well as getting in touch with your community. For example, a local CSA in my area was offering Thai Eggplants along with suggestions on how to cook and eat them. So even when you aren’t sure how to prepare one of the new fruits or veggies, you can  definitely ask one of the contacts at the CSA for suggestions. Even if they don’t have an answer right away, they are sure to know someone that will be able to help you.

Another option for fresh fruits and veggies would be your local farmer’s market. In Utah, we are lucky enough to have had an explosion of farmer’s markets in the last 2-3 years. You can typically find one going on at least 3-4 times per week. Unfortunately this tends to dwindle in the winter because our winters can be very harsh. But if you plan well and have a love for canning a lot of the fruits and vegetables you get in the spring/summer/fall, can be canned and used in the winter. If you aren’t sure how to can or save certain items, the internet has pages after pages of how to can and preserve these things so you can use them at a later date.


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