Slow Down & Relax

indexDo you ever feel like your life is always just go, go, go? Life can be non-stop and this will wear you down quickly. Our week is jam-packed of extracurricular activities, along with work and all that fun stuff 🙂 When I look at our schedule, I have no idea where to squeeze in some time to relax. Even when your week is crazy, you can still manage to slow down and relax. One of the ways that I’m able to slow down and relax is staying organized. Here are a few tips to help you slow down and relax:

  1. Schedule out your week ahead of time. Talk with everyone in your family and get drop-offs/pick-ups/etc. all organized.
  2. Schedule your meals ahead of time, one week at a time. With everything planned out, you know what you’re eating and when. You’ll know what to defrost, what to prep, and have an estimate of how long it’ll take to make these meals. Check out this post on meal planning to help make it easier if you aren’t sure where to start –
  3. While you are scheduling activities and meals, why not schedule time to relax? If it’s scheduled are you more likely to do it? Figure out exactly what you want to do to relax and schedule it. This could be anything from going on a walk or a hike, a family activity like miniature golf or even a family movie night. We’ve been doing family movie nights for a few weeks now, and I think all of us look forward to them. We pick family friendly funny movies that we are all going to enjoy, or at least that’s what we hope for.
  4. Spoil yourself! Remember that to be fully functioning, you need to be at your peak. You need to relax and can’t just be go, go, go all of the time. Spoil yourself with a nap, a bath, a massage, or even a new pair of shoes! Whatever it is, spoil yourself. And don’t forget that you’re not the only one that needs to be spoiled. Make sure your significant other gets to get spoiled too.

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