Planning a Garden

Vegetable-potager-garden-picturesI do not have a green thumb at all! I literally have killed a cactus. How does that happen? It is now a running joke in our household about how bad I am at keeping plants alive. I’ve succeeded in keeping the kids, dog, and cat alive, so I figure that’s a plus! Now if only the ability to keep them alive would carry over to plants. On that note, I am bound and determined to start a garden next year. Nothing big, probably about 10×10. I don’t want to get too overzealous about starting a garden, and in the case that it doesn’t work out, be super disappointed about the waste of space. So I’ve been reading up on different garden types, different veggies to plant, and how to do them. I plan on getting the garden and soil ready in the spring, planting seeds inside during this time, then transplanting the plants over Memorial Day weekend. Who knows if this will work, but it’s worth a shot.

My aunt recently introduced a blog to me called,, and I am not obsessed. She had a goal of growing 4,000 pounds of food for her and her family in 2013 alone. While I know that there is NO way I’ll be doing that amount, how amazing would it be to eventually move up to that much food. I can’t wait to get our garden going, and I figured by starting to plan it in the Fall will make it so I’m not completely overwhelmed come Spring. I think I’m going to start off with some herbs on the counter this winter, so we can use them as often as needed, then move them to planters outside.

For vegetables to plan, I’m thinking some squash, tomatoes, peppers, chiles, maybe corn, carrots, beans, and I’m not sure what else. What foods do you like growing in your garden? What type of garden have you found to work best for you?


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