Do Diets Work?

There is a reason that the health & wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry each year? We all want to look good and feel better, but is a diet going to work for you? Here is my take on diets and if they work?

Do diets work? Yes, for at least a short time. A lot of diets that are out on the market will help you lose weight, but the idea of sustaining them for a long period of time isn’t feasible. Also a lot of diets out there don’t teach you the do’s and dont’s of eating, they don’t tell you what foods you should probably avoid always or even occasionally indulge in. Once you lose the weight, they tend to leave you high and dry.

I personally think diets can be great to lose weight, but not every diet is suitable for every person. There are some people that thrive on a vegan diet while others feel low on energy and lethargic. Other people thrive on the Atkin’s diet, but then others just can’t seem to succeed. With Elite Health Coaching, I’ve learned about over 100 different dietary theories, everything from vegan to Atkins to the Ice Cream Diet and everything in between. I’m a firm believer in healthy eating leads to a healthy you. But with so much discussion about ingredients and chemicals, figuring out what is healthy can be a headache that most people don’t want to tackle. Well that’s what Elite Health Coaching is here for. We are here to help make the transition to healthy eating easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to sustain long term! If you are interested in working with Elite Health Coaching to improve your health and improve your eating habits, fill out the form below. We can schedule a FREE 50-minute Healthy Goals Meeting!


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