Seasonal Detox Programs

****These detoxes are meant for someone who would also like unlimited support while completing the detox programs. If you are interested in doing the detoxes on your own without support, you may be interested in purchasing just the Seasonal Detox Guide here.

Welcome to Elite Health Coaching Detox Programs! During these detox programs, you will find yourself feeling more awake, lighter, and more aware of your body and your body’s cravings. During the 7-day detox, you will avoid all processed foods, alcohol, refined sugars, refined flours, and more. You will focus on staying hydrated, eating clean, and curbing your sweet tooth with things like fruits and sweet vegetables.  Detoxes are not meant for everyone, so please speak with your healthcare professional before starting any new diet or exercise program, as no refunds can be issued once the program has been purchased. I recommend doing one detox every 3 months. Below are the recommended months for each detox program.

Why should you do a detox?

  • Boost your immune system to prevent illnesses such as the flu, cold, etc.
  • Boost your mood, energy, and productivity by clearing your mind.
  • Shed excess weight!

** The food we eat on a regular basis can cause our bodies to have a reaction such as headaches, irritability, inflammation, obesity, and more. A detox allows our body to get some rest from every day stresses and help heal our body. Our bodies already eliminate waste through the colon, liver, kidneys, etc. But this detox is meant to boost all aspects of your body’s natural detoxification system, giving it the extra boost it occasionally needs.

When should you do a detox?

  • Spring detox should be done between March – May
  • Summer detox should be done between June – August
  • Fall detox should be done between September – November
  • Winter detox should be done between December – February

The focus during these detox periods is to eat whole, natural foods that are in season to help balance your body both inside and out along with rid your body of harmful toxins that may have accumulated over the past few months.

Orange Sage Chicken

The cost of for the detox with unlimited support is $200.00. To purchase the detox and support, click here.You will be sent a hard copy of the Seasonal Detox Guide by Elite Health Coaching.

What you will receive with each detox program:

  • Hard copy of the Seasonal Detox Guide by Elite Health Coaching, which includes a 7-day detox program for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It also includes a meal plan for all 7 days of each detox, a shopping list for each detox, and recipes for every meal listed that the whole family can enjoy.
    • Unlimited email support for 12 months from the date of purchase (email support at
    • A 15-minute welcome phone call to go over your health & wellness goals so I can support you better
    • *** The pictures of food items on this page are actual foods you will eat during the seasonal detox programs! :)

    Breakfast Smoothie - Spring Detox   Mexican Winter Stew




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