Fall Detox Summary

1374267_365576170242021_64925855_nMy husband and I finished up the Fall Detox over the weekend. I ended up losing a total of 5 pounds, but that wasn’t even the reason we did the detox. We were feeling bloated and kind of gross overall from eating not the best stuff ever. After the detox, I definitely felt less bloated, less full, and I slept SO well! I’m going to start cutting out sugar after 8pm. We typically go to bed around 11pm. This will give my body 3 hours to process it before going to bed. I’ve noticed that when I have sugar at night I toss and turn, but when we were on this detox I slept so well.

The great thing about this detox is that you are able to eat REAL food. The picture shows 2 meals that we had. One was the Herbed Chicken with roasted vegetables and quinoa. Then the other one is the Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oatmeal. I’m not a big oatmeal fan, but the way this made my house smell I HAD to have some.

One thing that I would change next time for my husband, is I would increase his protein. I felt like I had plenty of food to eat, but he was needing more protein. Our snacks consisted of mostly vegetables, bananas with natural peanut butter, and raw almonds. If you are feeling hungry on this detox, look at increasing your protein and also focus on eating snacks during the day as well. This will help boost your energy and keep you moving.

One of my favorite things on this detox was peppermint tea. I love tea, but during the spring and summer, I don’t have it very often. We did this detox right as the weather was cooling down in Utah (we even had snow on the Friday we did the detox!). The tea was the perfect thing to keep me warm and it helped curb any craving I was having.

The hardest part about this detox wasn’t the no sugar, it was the no cheese! I will admit as soon as we were done, I indulged in a fantastic piece of Swiss cheese. It is weird what we tend to miss when we don’t have the option of EVERYTHING! I look forward to doing the winter detox, probably in December before we leave on vacation. It’s possible I will also do it again when we get back to get rid of any bloated/full feeling I have.


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