Plans for the Weekend

leaves4What are your plans for the weekend? It is quickly approaching! Take some time this weekend to relax and focus on rejuvenating your body, soul, and energy.

Last weekend was busy, busy, busy. Our son had 2 soccer games, then we had 2 birthday parties (not including the 2 I had to decline), and that didn’t include 2 separate sleepovers for the kids! It was a busy weekend with a lot of running around. We got home on Sunday around 5pm, and I just laid on the couch, when we weren’t making dinner of course.

This weekend, we have more soccer on Saturday, both our son’s game and also Real Salt Lake is playing at home. The Real Salt Lake games are so much fun, and the kids seem to be really looking forward to this one. They haven’t been in awhile, and the season is coming to an end soon, so we are taking them this time. I told my husband that on Sunday, we aren’t doing anything! He was definitely okay with this plan! If anyone invites us somewhere, the answer is no. We really need a day where we can relax and do whatever we want to do. We are going to focus on watching some football, cooking some yummy food, and just relaxing. I would like to stay in my pajamas ALL day!

Even though we are going to spend all of Sunday relaxing, I may or may not stop by IKEA this weekend and pick up some inexpensive shelving for our cold storage. We have a really great cold storage room at our new house, and I want to take full advantage! I already have some strawberry jam that I canned, but I want to stock up. If I get that room set up before Sunday, I want to can some spaghetti sauce to have on hand. Normally I just double the recipe, but I think I’m going to quadruple it because we run out so quickly. What can I say? The family loves it! I’ve also began to load up the freezer slowly but surely. I made a goal that once a week, I will add something to the freezer. Last week it was a gallon freezer bag of Cilantro Lime Chicken that I can throw in the crock pot when I know we are going to have a crazy night. This week, I’m going to be making meatballs. Normally I make one batch, which is approximately 24-28 meatballs, but this time I am quadrupling it and I’ll be freezing the rest for quick and easy meatballs down the road.


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