What Should You Know About Corporate Wellness

runningworkersMore and more companies are looking into hiring health coaches for their business. Not only does this help their employees, but it helps with the premiums companies are paying for insurance.

So why should a company hire a health coach? Health coaches help keep your employee’s accountable for their health and their wellness goals. Some companies may have goals in place for their employees, but these may not be achievable by all employees due to health factors, genetics, or other reasons. Rather than leaving these employees behind, companies can hire a health coach to work with these employees to help get their health where it should or needs to be.

A health coach can help your employees recognize their goals and exactly where they want to be. What does Elite Health Coaching provide in regards to Corporate Wellness?

Elite Health Coaching offers a variety of customizable programs depending on what your company is looking for:

  • One-on-One coaching for employees
  • Group coaching for employees
  • Sugar Detox Email Program
  • Junk Food Detox Email Program
  • Veggie Pledge Email Program
  • Seminars for groups of 10 or more!

Use the form below to contact Elite Health Coaching for more information and pricing. We will contact you back within 24 business hours:


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