Sugar Addiction 101

sugar-addictionAre you addicted to sugar? And yes, I said addicted! You can be addicted to sugar, but just like other habits you can kick this one to the curb. Here are some signs that you are addicted to sugar:

  • Feel irritable or tired if you don’t get your ‘fix’
  • If you haven’t had sugar in awhile, you may feel fatigued, nauseated, or get a headache
  • It feels like you ALWAYS have a sweet tooth
  • Crave sugar at the same time every day

If you said yes to any of those, you may be addicted to sugar! But don’t worry, Elite Health Coaching is here to help! The Elite Health Coaching Sugar Cleanse is here to help you get rid of your sugar dependency once and for all! This is an email program where you’ll be supported by a Certified Health Coach giving you suggestions and encouragement daily to help you successfully cleanse your body from sugar!

For only $25.00, you’ll receive a total of 11 personalized emails to help you focus on your goal, your new start, and exactly why you need to refuel! I’ll be with you every step of the way to hold you accountable, keep you focused, and most importantly help you succeed in getting rid of unnecessary sugar in your diet. Click here to sign up now or if you have any questions, feel free to contact Elite Health Coaching using the form below:


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