Ahhh Sundays!

keep-calm-and-relax-it-s-sundayAhhhh Sundays! One of my favorite days of the week (minus the fact that Monday is peeking around the corner). Sundays are so nice because we usually don’t have very many plans around the house. It’s a day where we get to do a lot of what we want and it’s not filled with soccer, swimming, cheerleading, work, etc. Just the family, the animals, and whatever the day holds in store for us.

Sundays are also a great day to get re-energized from the week before AND for the week ahead. Here are some tips of what to do to get energized on Sunday:

  • If you are a spiritual person, try going to church if you aren’t already. Your church can be a religious one, but spirituality can also be found in nature, yoga, etc. Find YOUR church!
  • Spend the day doing something that YOU enjoy. For example, I love having a big Sunday dinner so a lot of time on Sundays is spent in the kitchen which I am completely okay with!
  • Go for a Sunday drive. I remember as a kid stopping for ice cream and going on a drive. It may have been opposite, drive then ice cream. But regardless, go and visit your favorite nearby location. Living in Utah, we have the mountains at our beck and call, so a Sunday drive here in the Autumn turns into a beautiful drive full of color changing foliage.
  • Sleep in! The activities that you participate in during the week can be tiring, so take this day to sleep in.
  • Stay in your PJ’s ALL DAY! Even if you shower, change back into your pajamas and have a completely relaxing & lazy day. No chores, no errands, just lounging about.

For more information about natural ways to boost your energy read this article and sign up for my newsletter by clicking here. If you or people you know are interested in an Eating for Energy Class, please email me at sadie@elitehealthcoaching.com or fill in the contact form below. This class can be useful for corporate executives, working parents, stay-at-home parents, or pretty much anyone that is feeling low on energy.


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