Health Seminars & Workshops

seminarRoom2Are you a member of a group or organization that could use a pep-talk about healthy living? Maybe those eating habits are getting out of control, or you’re having a hard time staying awake and energized come 3pm, Elite Health Coaching is here to help.

Elite Health Coaching offers a wide variety of Health Seminars & Workshops for groups as small as 5 people up to 1000+ if needed. We are here to help spread the wealth of health. A few seminars and workshops that are offered are:

  • Junk Food Cleanse – Time to kick the habit & take control of your food and snacks.
  • Sugar Cleanse – Do you feel tired or irritable if you don’t have sugar? This is the perfect cleanse for you!
  • Veggie Pledge – This is a great tool if you are wanting to lower your animal protein intake or go vegetarian.
  • Women’s Health – Workshop on how to best nourish our bodies with primary & secondary foods, and how to improve women’s overall health.
  • Eating for Energy – Get the most energy out of your food! This hour long workshop will go over what you should and shouldn’t be eating to boost your energy.
  • Weigh Less, Live More! – Tips on how to weigh less but also how to get the most out of the life you’re living!
  • Cooking Demonstrations – These demonstrations include seasonal eating, recipes from the Seasonal Detox Guide by Elite Health Coaching, and more all while making healthy foods.

All of these classes can be held locally if you are located within the Salt Lake Valley, UT and other surrounding areas. If you are not located in Utah, these can also be held via Skype, Go To Meeting, or by phone! We can make it work best for you and your participants! For more information, along with pricing, please fill out the form below:


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