10 Tips to Keep Kids Healthy in the Winter

62284_3750194800947_935328981_nI can’t believe it is already the middle of October! With winter approaching comes cold weather, snow, hot chocolate, and kids that are always sick!!! So here are Elite Health Coaching’s 10 Tips to Keep Kids Healthy in the Winter!

  1. Make sure your children are properly dressed for the elements. This seems like a basic concept, but I am always surprised when dropping off or picking my kids up from school how many kids are wearing shorts when there is snow on the ground or aren’t wearing a good winter coat. I know that sometimes there are outside factors like maybe the parents work and their child just left without bundling up or maybe they can’t afford a coat. I definitely understand! If this is the case, we as parents need to stress to our children the importance of bundling up as much as possible in the winter and staying cool in the summer.
  2. Proper hand washing. This is especially important for school aged kids, but it is really important for everyone in the house. Usually using a liberal amount of soap and washing for 20-30 seconds under warm water will do the trick. If you have kids though that don’t necessarily want to count, find a short song that they can sing and when it is done, they are done. For example, singing Happy Birthday twice or the ABC’s twice.
  3. Eat plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables, even during the cold months. Having fresh fruits and vegetables portioned out in snack sizes encourage kids to reach for these healthy snacks, rather than processed chips, cookies, etc. I’ve noticed that if it’s easy for them to get to, they’ll eat it. I have placed a bowl of grapes on the counter and to my surprise it was gone within about a day and a half! Make sure they are getting in all of their servings, and stress the importance of eating their fruits & veggies.
  4. Use a humidifier. A humidifier has saved me the last few winters. The air in Utah can get really bad and since both kids have asthma, it can be very hard to deal with. The humidifier keeps the air in their room moist. It helps soothe your nose and throat, keeps the air feeling warmer, and can help reduce the flu or cold in your home by keeping the air moist.
  5. Rest & Relax! Infants may sleep up to 16 hours per day, while teenagers will need 8-9 hours of good, quality sleep. Check out this article on how to improve sleep!
  6. Stay hydrated. A good rule of thumb is less soda, more water!
  7. Don’t share cups, utensils, etc. Germs spread quickly. Luckily our mouths have the ability to kill some germs, but that doesn’t mean it is going to kill all of them. The less sharing the better, even if your adorable baby is trying to feed you some of their food. A good game of pretend may suffice.
  8. Try not to touch your eyes or nose when sick. Unlike our mouths, our eyes & nose do not have the ability to kill germs and will enter our system very quickly. After blowing your nose or putting eye drops in your eyes, wash your hands using the recommendations from number 2. This will help cut down the spreading of germs.
  9. Cough into the pit of your elbow, not your hand. If my daughter starts coughing and forgets to cover her mouth, I’ll ask her what she should be doing, and she instantly starts coughing into the pit of her elbow. She calls it the vampire cough like she’s covering her face with a cape like Dracula. If you catch yourself coughing in your hand, make sure to wash your hands.
  10. Get moving! It may be cold outside, but exercising is going to boost your immune system. Try to get 30 minutes of moderate activity per day. This can include a brisk walk, swimming at a local recreation center, or even just a quick class, just get moving.

If you are always sick or want to make changes to become healthier, fill out the form below. We will contact you within 24 business hours!


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