Health & Wellness Programs for Your Employees!

Are your employees losing energy as the day progresses? Do you want to get more out of your employees throughout the day? Elite Health Coaching is excited to announce the Corporate Detox Program! Elite Health Coaching now has a program to help your employees lose weight, kick that sugar habit, and improve productivity. With your program, you’ll get a Seasonal Detox Guide for as many employees as you’d like (discounted rates on books available). Elite Health Coaching will work either one-on-one with your employees or in a group setting to help your employees. Contact us at or 801-673-0427 for details!

As the rise of healthcare goes up and the number of sick days being use are increasing, more and more large corporations are hiring health coaches to help their employees! Elite Health Coaching is SO excited to now be offering Corporate Wellness Programs!

Here are some of the many benefits that your business can achieve by hiring a health coach for employee wellness:

  • Increased Employee Energy – No more lulls in energy around 2-3 pm!
  • Employee Weight Loss – Who doesn’t love when their employees are happy and healthy!
  • Less Sick Days Redeemed – That’s right, by becoming healthier, employees will be less sick throughout the year! Plus they’ll learn how to really take care of themselves and their bodies for optimum performance!
  • Lower Insurance Premiums – It’s simple! Unhealthy employees cost the company more money.
  • Increased Productivity – By increasing the energy and health of your employees, they will be able to stay focused during their entire shift.
  • Less Stress – If employees are healthier, they’ll be less stressed. Plus they’ll learn techniques to help them move past the negativity.

For more information in regards to the benefits of corporate wellness programs, you can visit the US Department of Health & Human Services Federal Occupational Health page at On this site, you’ll find some amazing facts about the benefits of wellness programs including:

  • An organization saves approximately $350 per employee per year by keeping healthy employees at low risk.
  • The number of working Americans who get “no exercise” is two times higher among those who have no access to workplace fitness programs.
  • An overweight employee annually costs their employer an additional $450 to $2500 in medical expenses and absences.

With the current statistics stating that approximately 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese, this could be costing your company THOUSANDS!!! For example, if your company has 100 employees, that means 66 of your employees fit in this category. This could be costing you an additional $29,700 – $165,000 PER YEAR!!!!

Elite Health Coaching can be hired by your company to provide many services:

  • One-on-one coaching for employees
  • Group coaching for your employees
  • Wellness classes for groups of 10 or more (classes can include Sugar Blues, Weigh Less Live More, Eating For Energy, and more!)
  • Detox programs for your employees with unlimited support

Still not convinced that your company could benefit from hiring a health coach, contact me at We can set up a time to go over the benefits, costs, and any other concerns that you may have!



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