Why You Should Consider a Staycation – REPOST

staycationWhat is a staycation exactly? It’s basically a vacation where you stay at home. If it doesn’t sound like fun, here are some reasons that you should consider taking a staycation!

  1. Save money! – Everyone loves to save money. With a staycation, you won’t need to spend money on a rental car, flights, gas money, hotels, etc.
  2. Quality family time – To get everyone involved in the fun, plan the activities that you want to do together. This can be anything from visiting your local zoo or aquarium, to hiking, to camping in the back yard. Get everyone involved to maximize your family time.
  3. Less stress than a vacation – You won’t need to worry about missed flights, lost luggage, arguing over which restaurant to eat at. Take it one day at a time and relax.
  4. Enjoy your surroundings – Maybe there have been places that you’ve wanted to visit, but didn’t necessarily have the time, especially on a week day. Imagine taking a hike on a Wednesday afternoon when most people are at work. It’ll make it that much more enjoyable.
  5. Discover new places in your area – By enlisting the help of your family, you can come up with really great ideas of how to spend your time. Maybe you have heard of a fishing spot that you’ve never been to, or you have a National Park nearby. Go and discover these places. No excuses when you don’t have anything planned.
  6. Benefits your local economy – The money you will be spending on your staycation, will go right back to your local area and local businesses.
  7. Less preparation – With a staycation, you don’t need to worry about everyone having their bags packed and ready to go. You don’t need to worry about packing entertainment and snacks for the road trip. Sleep in and enjoy the time with your family.

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