Release the Stress Thursday – Daily Tip #31

ReleasetheStressThursdayDo you feel stressed and frazzled during a majority of your day? Try getting organized. This includes your house, your car, your schedule, and yourself! Make a list of the items you want and need to organize.

Start small for example, with organizing yourself. Create a schedule for the week that includes your job or career, anything your kids have planned, dinners, activities, etc. Get it all out on the table and organize it. This will give you a clear cut picture of what you can control and what you can’t. You may even find that there are things you can delegate without overwhelming someone else, but it allows you to let go of something that may cause stress. After that, make a list of the things in your home that need to be organized. Maybe there is a cluttered drawer or closet that needs some TLC. Put it on the list. Once you have your list completed (don’t worry, you can add things if needed), start working on each item and cross it off when it’s done!


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