Dying Easter Eggs the Natural Way!!!

EasterEggsGuess what we are doing tonight??? Dying Easter Eggs! YAY!!! But this year, we are doing it the all natural way. The kids are excited, I’m nervous, so we will see how it works out!

When it comes to Easter, everybody loves dying eggs. We get to be creative with our kids, while creating a product along with lots of memories! But, did you know that artificial colors come with their fair share of harmful side effects. Artificial colors such as Red 3, Blue 1, etc. have been linked to cancer in lab rats, allergic reactions, and hyperactivity in adults and children.

Here are a few alternatives to your favorite colors of egg dye:

Blue: Take ¼ head of red cabbage cut into chunks. Add 4 cups of boiling water along with 2 TBSP of white vinegar. Let cool and then remove cabbage.

Orange: Use the skin of 6 yellow onions and simmer in 2 cups of water for 15 minutes. Remove the onion, stir in 3 tsp of white vinegar, and cool.

Yellow: Mix 2 TBSP of turmeric into 1 c. of boiling water, along with 2 tsp white vinegar, and allow to cool.

Pink: Take 1 medium beet and cut into chunks. Add 4 c. of boiling water and 2 TBSP white vinegar. Allow liquid to cool, and then remove beets.

Purple: Mix 1 cup of grape juice with 1 TBSP of vinegar.

Red – Orange: Mix 2 TBSP of paprika into 1 c. boiling water, along with 2 tsp white vinegar, and allow to cool.

Tips for Egg Dye While on a Diet

To get the most vibrant colors out of these mixes, add hard-boiled eggs and allow eggs to soak in dye overnight in the refrigerator. To add even more fun to decorating eggs, try using markers and stickers to add your own personalization.  I’ve seen eggs where they wrapped a large rubber band around it a few times, so when they remove the rubber bands the eggs have white strips. I’ve also see where they put little circle stickers on the eggs and then dye it to make polka dot eggs. I plan on doing both this year. To find out what other colors you can make, try adding different fruits & vegetables to boiling water along with white vinegar. You may find a color that ends up being your favorite!


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