Healthy Tip Saturday – Daily Tip #89

HealthyTipSaturdayWith Farmer’s Markets either already opening up or about to, it’s a great time to maximize the amount of local goods you purchase! This is a great time to try new fruits and veggies, get to know your local farmers, and get some exercise too. Farmer’s markets are great ways to really see where your dollar is going. Farmers come from all over the state you are in to share their goods. A lot of times it’s a lot cheaper than buying produce at the store and farmers will tell you if the product is organic or not. Make sure to take a reusable shopping bag though, so you aren’t left with tons of little items and no where to put them.

Put on a nice summer hat, some comfy shoes, and enjoy yourself! If you’re feeling adventurous, try buying a weeks worth of groceries at the Farmer’s Market and plan your meals from there!


Follow Friday – Daily Tip #88

FollowFridayWell as of today, my seeds are completely OUT OF CONTROL!!!! The beans and squash are huge and are trying to take over the pods. I have started to move the plants outside to get them used to the warmth and sun. This weekend my plan is to get all of the weeds 100% pulled, so next weekend I can follow up with some nice, healthy soil and start planting! Lets see how that goes. I also need to get some landscaping fabric to cover the bottoms of the pallets. Once that is done and I fill them with soil, I’ll be able to plant in there as well! Oh lordy!!!! Hopefully we will see some fresh fruits & veggies this summer! I think I’m going to try planting a few more veggies in the pods, so they can be transplanted in June/July for late summer harvest. Then I’ll do it again with some others for a fall harvest. Gardening and growing food is hard work!

Release the Stress Thursday – Daily Tip #87

ReleasetheStressThursdayWant to know a quick and easy way to relieve stress? TALK TO SOMEONE!!! And I don’t mean over text or email, but actually talk and speak with someone. This can be a parent, spouse, family member, friend, etc. But actually talking about how you are feeling and what is stressing you out is a great way to get it out in the open and off your chest! Next time, give it a try.

Workout Wednesday – Daily Tip #86

WorkoutWednesdayToday’s workout is a different kind of workout. We always focus on working out our bodies, our muscles, etc. but what about working out our minds and making an improvement there.

Today I want you to focus on working out the negative people and thoughts that tend to invade our minds. Take a piece of paper and draw a line right down the middle. On one side, I want you to write down all of the negative things AND people holding you back. On the other side, write down all the positive things AND people that keep pushing you forward.

What can you do to purge the negative things and people out of your life? Start focusing on the positive. The more positive you have in your life, the less room you will have for the negative things. Crowding out is a concept that you can use in a lot of areas of your life. People, things, food, etc. can all be crowded out when you focus on the positives.

Recipe Tuesday – Daily Tip #85

RecipeTuesdayLast week I had planned to make tacos, but due to soccer we ended up eating out at a Mexican restaurant the night before, so I didn’t want to have Mexican food 2 nights in a row. So now I had all these random ingredients and nothing to do with them. So I made up this quick and easy recipe that the whole family enjoyed:


1 lb ground beef
1/2 onion, chopped
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp mustard powder
2 TBSP flour
2 c. beef stock
1 c. carrots, thinly sliced
1/2 c. frozen peas
2 c. rice

Cook rice according to the instructions on the package. I use a rice cooker and cook 2 cups of rice in 3 cups of water until done. Brown meat with onion. Then add flour, salt, black pepper, cayenne, and mustard powder. Mix well. Slowly add beef broth and cook until slightly thick, several minutes over medium heat. Add carrots and peas. Once the rice is done and carrots are tender, put rice in a bowl and top with ground beef and vegetable mixture.

Boost Your Energy Monday – Daily Tip #84

BoostYourEnergyMondayDo you want to start your morning off right? Try sleeping with the blinds open, rather than closed. When the sun starts to rise and shine into your room, your brain will slow down its melatonin production and start producing adrenaline. Once your body starts producing adrenaline, your body will start waking up slowly, even before the alarm goes off.



Relax on Sunday – Daily Tip #83

RelaxonSundayDo you normally have a busy weekend, where it feels like you are running errands all weekend long??? Try scheduling a time on either Saturday or Sunday where you will run errands. Look at where you need to go, about how long each errand will take, and come up with a route and a schedule. Once you have all of the errands done, enjoy a relaxing and guilt-free day!