Boost Your Energy Monday – Daily Tip #63

BoostYourEnergyMondayHere are some tips to help boost your energy and keep it up all day long:

– Eat a diet rich in whole foods that include grains, vegetables, beans, leafy greens, etc.

– Eat plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals

– Avoid processed foods (they can actually decrease your energy)

– Slowly eliminate foods that can give you a false sense of energy like caffeine, sugar, alcohol, etc.

– Get moving! Exercise will boost your endorphins giving you real energy all day! Figure out what is best for you. Experiment with exercising in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Keep notes to see what boosts your energy the most and keeps it up the whole day.

– Drink plenty of water

Doesn’t seem too hard, right? If the list seems overwhelming, start with one item and then as soon as you feel you’ve mastered that, move onto the next item.


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