Workout Wednesday – Daily Tip #65

WorkoutWednesdayWith the weather warming up, it makes it a lot easier to get outside and exercise. A great way to burn some calories, tone those legs, and get in some exercise is hiking! In Utah, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful canyons and hiking trails within 30 minutes or so, no matter where in Salt Lake you live, which is great! Here are some tips to make your hike safe & fun!

  1. Get a hiking partner. This can be your spouse, kids, friends, neighbors, whoever. If you do go hiking alone, tell someone where you are going and about the time you expect to be back.
  2. Take plenty of water and even some snacks if needed. Some nice snacks for hiking are raw almonds, bananas, granola, etc. Remember what you pack in, pack out. Don’t leave your garbage behind.
  3. Get a nice, comfortable pair of hiking shoes or boots. Go to a place like REI, Scheels, or even somewhere near you that is local. Ask them what they would recommend and let them know the terrain you expect to be hiking.
  4. Take extra equipment if possible. This would include matches, a knife, first aid kid, etc.
  5. And most importantly, practice common sense. 🙂 If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is.

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