Healthy Tip Saturday – Daily Tip #68

HealthyTipSaturdayAre you wanting to make changes to your diet and daily routine, but feel overwhelmed by all that you should be doing? Start small, and work your way towards your final goal. Here are some tips to help you not be overwhelmed:

  • Make a list of all the things you want to achieve with your diet and daily routine. (i.e. eat healthier, lose weight, etc.) But be specific on what you are going to do to achieve these goals.
  • By being specific, you can focus on the smaller things rather than HUGE goals all at once.
  • Set a time frame for when you want to achieve each specific goal. For example, during the next 30 days I want to eliminate sugar from my diet. Don’t introduce another goal until you are 100% ready and feel that you have mastered the first goal of getting rid of sugar. If you introduce too many things at once, you may set yourself up for failure quickly.
  • Share you goals with friends and family. They will help hold you accountable and if they realize that you are working on bettering yourself, they will be more supportive.
  • Hire a health coach! They will hold you accountable and help you set realistic goals. Check out this study. It says that weight loss program participants that worked with a health coach lost more than 9% of their body weight during a 24 week period! If you are interested in hiring a health coach, visit Elite Health Coaching here or fill out the form below!


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