Release the Stress Thursday – Daily Tip #73

ReleasetheStressThursdayHave you mastered the art of saying no???? We are stuck in a society where we are constantly going, doing things we don’t want to do, doing jobs we don’t want to do, but what would happen if we just stopped and said no? It’s okay to say no to a birthday party or picnic you just don’t want to go to. It’s okay to be honest if something doesn’t sound appealing to you.

Would the world fall apart? No!

Would people think you were being rude and careless? Possibly, but if it’s not hurting anyone, who cares?

Yes, there are things we can’t say no to like going to school, going to work, etc. But what if rather than saying no to those things, we made them fun? Are you doing a job you just hate and dread going to? Rather than saying no and not ever going again, say yes and start looking for something that you want to do. Create that resume, get it out there, and who knows what opportunities that’s going to open up. Make goals for yourself that will help you achieve total and complete happiness! Create a vision board with all of the things you want to achieve within 10 years. Allow yourself to dream and then start working towards the dream you have created for yourself!


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