Follow Friday – Daily Tip #74

FollowFridayThe top is coming off! Off the seeds I planted, that is! 🙂 All of my seeds have sprouted – ALL 70 PODS!!! WOW! I am so excited about this 🙂

I took the top off of the seeds and have now placed them in a sunny spot in the house. Unfortunately, the only convenient spot for this is on the kitchen table so come dinner time, there is a little maneuvering around but that’s okay. We are just taking farm to table to the next level! Well, not yet since there isn’t any produce being produced but soon!

unnamedOver the next few weeks, I’ll start cleaning up the sprouts a bit more, getting rid of any that aren’t looking healthy. Then I’ll slowly start bringing them outside and eventually into the sun. I’m about 1/4 of the way done with weeding the area that some of the squash will be going into and then after that, we will be laying down some top soil to give them a healthy place to live. The dirt right now is basically ground up rocks without any nutrients. Once this is done, I’ll focus on the pallets and getting them finished off with landscaping material. Within the next 4-6 weeks, I expect everything to be outside and hopefully thriving.

I have 4 pallets that I’ll be using for gardening, then I have another 8 that are waiting on my back patio for another HUGE project, so we will see how that pans out. I may be busting out the saw soon to get the other project going a bit more, but that probably won’t be until I am done with the weeding. Until next Friday!


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