Follow Friday – Daily Tip #81

FollowFridayI don’t have a whole lot of updates about my seeds from last week. They are still doing well and this weekend I’ll be going through each pod and getting rid of any sprouts that may not have sprouted well or may be sucking the life out of the healthy ones. The seeds seem to be enjoying the sun they are getting and when the weather gets a little warmer outside, I’ll start moving them out slowly, getting them accustomed to the sun and warmth. The cat has taken a liking to the regular onion sprouts though and they don’t seem to be doing as well as I’d hoped. Out of 5 sprouts, only 3 of them are still surviving. I keep catching the cat around the sprouts, so I may need to find a better spot for them to get sun while inside that he will avoid a little bit. We will see how that goes though! I’ll post some pictures next week of the progress on the garden. I’ve been very tired this week so I haven’t weeded as much as I would have hoped, but there is always the weekend and next week too!


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