Workout Wednesday – Daily Tip #86

WorkoutWednesdayToday’s workout is a different kind of workout. We always focus on working out our bodies, our muscles, etc. but what about working out our minds and making an improvement there.

Today I want you to focus on working out the negative people and thoughts that tend to invade our minds. Take a piece of paper and draw a line right down the middle. On one side, I want you to write down all of the negative things AND people holding you back. On the other side, write down all the positive things AND people that keep pushing you forward.

What can you do to purge the negative things and people out of your life? Start focusing on the positive. The more positive you have in your life, the less room you will have for the negative things. Crowding out is a concept that you can use in a lot of areas of your life. People, things, food, etc. can all be crowded out when you focus on the positives.


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