Follow Friday – Daily Tip #88

FollowFridayWell as of today, my seeds are completely OUT OF CONTROL!!!! The beans and squash are huge and are trying to take over the pods. I have started to move the plants outside to get them used to the warmth and sun. This weekend my plan is to get all of the weeds 100% pulled, so next weekend I can follow up with some nice, healthy soil and start planting! Lets see how that goes. I also need to get some landscaping fabric to cover the bottoms of the pallets. Once that is done and I fill them with soil, I’ll be able to plant in there as well! Oh lordy!!!! Hopefully we will see some fresh fruits & veggies this summer! I think I’m going to try planting a few more veggies in the pods, so they can be transplanted in June/July for late summer harvest. Then I’ll do it again with some others for a fall harvest. Gardening and growing food is hard work!


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