Workout Wednesday – Daily Tip #107

WorkoutWednesdayI feel like I’m always saying this, but get outside and find something fun and exciting to do. Working out doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t have to be a typical workout. As long as you are moving and working out muscles, you are headed in the right direction!

My husband and I took our dog on a hike on Sunday. It was so nice. The kids spent the night at my aunt’s so we just woke up on Sunday morning, packed our bags and headed out. It was a good hike, about 5 miles round trip. The trail had a lot of shade trees but also had spots where the sun could shine down. It was a great temperature too, in the mid-70s. I am a little mad though because I found out yesterday that if we would have gone another mile up the trail we would have reached the summit of the mountain and had an even better view. Next time! Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.38.23 PM



We rescued our dog about 4 1/2 years ago from a local shelter. We have a feeling he was abused a bit with water, mostly hoses before we adopted him. All I do is grab a hose, I don’t even have to turn it on, and our dog has his tail between his legs and is running back into the house. It’s so sad! He’s also pretty lazy. He isn’t a big fan of going on walks, but he’ll do it if he has to. So we decided to take him on our hike. We figured worst comes to worst, we will take him home. The trailhead was only about 5 minutes from our house. But to our surprise and amazement, our dog LOVED hiking!!! He was running in the little creeks along the trail, getting all nice and wet and muddy! We were so impressed! I guess it’s just a hose thing, because he loved being in the mountains. He chased a squirrel here and there, but was no help when it came to the snake we saw. He just meandered by it, not even noticing it. So in conclusion, take your dog with you on your next adventure!







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